Defenders of Redwall: Synopsis

Aye, another synopsis. I rarely am able to write one I actually like, so enjoy.

For those of you not familiar with DoR, this is an all-new rewrite of my favorite (but unfinished) Redwall fanfiction. It’s the first in a trilogy, and if you want to know more…. keep reading. (*fist-bumps myself*)


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Defenders of Redwall

(The Rewrite)

Eight seasons ago, a precious icon of Redwall was stolen. The Abbey Warrior and his intrepid comrades set out to regain it from the mysterious enemy. But the enemy was too powerful for the warrior.

He never came back.

Young Ren wishes to follow in his father’s pawsteps, the echoes of the very ones made by the legendary Abbey defender, Martin the Warrior. But how can the legacy continue, when the weapon that symbolizes it all is gone?

Ren has sat by idly for long enough. A warning of danger coming to his home once more prompts the young mouse to gather his own following of adventurers, reluctant as they may be, and finish his father’s quest.

Neither shipwrecks, sea raiders, nor fire-lizards will stop the new champion from retrieving the treasure of Redwall, and finding the truth about his father’s disappearance.

But time is limited.

Redwall’s latest enemy has set the clock, and it ticks, every second closer to the doom of Ren’s friends and family.


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The Spell Broken: Synopsis

We’re just beginning to begin here, so why not start with a synopsis of my main WIP, The Spell Broken? 😀 It’s a fantasy novel, (as will be immediately obvious) and unlike normal people, I write about furries. (For those of you who might not know, by anthros/furries, I mean Redwall-style characters. It’s my life, so get used to it.) I’m totally in love with all my wonderful characters, and I am currently almost finished with my first draft. ❤

So, without further ado… *bows with a fancy flourish* Enjoy.

The Spell Broken

All she wanted was adventure. Excitement. A change from her normal, boring, everyday life.

She got it. But it was more than she bargained for.

The spell that has protected Peromia, the peaceful kingdom of mice, for 200 years, has been suddenly broken, leaving the land vulnerable. A mysterious enemy has taken its chance to capture the young mouseprince, the hope and heir of Peromia. None know why, nor where to find the kidnappers in the unfamiliar outside world.

Hope has been stolen.

All because Lance, one fiery, imaginative mousemaid, wanted adventure.

Now it is her self-assigned mission to find Prince Hal, bring him home safe, and restore what she has broken. Neither scavenging drakami, life-draining Firelands, nor evil Sorcerers will stand in the way of her and the group of companions she bonds with along the journey.

Perhaps she will even discover something she has never known her whole life… a family.


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